what do we do?

For years, the development of the different therapies carries us to treat the person like a functional unit. That means this? We can not separate what is physical of the rest, the emotions, the symptoms, … All folded works how an only entity and the excess or defect of any of these points creates a disequilibrium and this finishes developing pathologies, problems, that’s why we offer a treatment Holistic, treat the person like an entity, one all than include so much the body, how the mind and the spirit, all is related.

We move us in the field of the Manual Therapies where as what need can offer:

  • Relaxing chiromassage: Known all over of the world from does thousands of years the relax massages sleep recognised by the welfare that create, as physically like physically, Your moment! Accompany the massage of aromas with incense or waxes and essential oils because the experience was more pleasant.
  • ChiromassageTherapeutic: The “chiromassage” is a method of exploration by means of the palpation perceptive and of manual treatment, applied on the corporal surface and transmitted by the mechanical pressure of the hands to the different organs and fabrics of the body, having like this a regulatory effect on the pain, the general feeling of energy, the states of spirit, the tired and in general on the psyche. As the treatments can achieve effects that generate a direct reaction or reflects to the organism.
  • Lymphatic drainage: can define It how a technician that serves for the activation of the operation of the superficial lymphatic system in order to improve the elimination of the liquid intersticial and of the molecules of size bigger and facilitate his evacuation. It uses so much of therapeutic shape how of aesthetic.
  • Kinesiotaping or neuromuscular bandage: Consist in tapes of adhesive cotton that use to treat muscular and articular injuries, corrections posturals and drainages of fluid or lymphatic liquids.
  • Structural, cranial and visceral Osteopathy : a practice based in the theory that all the illnesses are caused by a loss of the structural integrity. When a system fails can suffer the consequences another and of this shape drag the problem.
  • Foot Reflexology: A therapeutic technician that acts stimulating by means of massage or pressure to points of the feet, acting like this to the organs that have a reflection.
    They are constancy of this technician from does more than 2.000 years so much in the China and Egypt or in tribes of the United States.
  • Cross Tape: Cross Tape is formed by tapes or bands crossed in mesh no elastic and without any ore of medication, forming an adhesive grid, the adhesive is hypoallergenic and his characteristic alike sleep to the ones of the kinesiotape or neuromuscular bandage. It acts controlling the micro streams electromagnetic that flow for the skin and optimise his operation so much to superficial level and deep. It uses as much as to only treatment that as a complementary of others.

Our relax massages also influence to the body, mind and soul and we perform with different natural oils to give a personal touch to each session.

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