How can I reserve a massage?
You have four options:

  • Call us at 622 23 28 30
  • Send us an email to espaieu@gmail.com
  • Complete the form on the page Contact.
  • Come on to our center in Genís Sala 15, of Santa Perpétua de mogoda

Is it necessary to pay for the massage before the appointment?
It is not necessary, it can be paid the same day, in cash or card.

What do I have to bring on the date of the session?
For massages we have disposable underwear for men and women, but in many cases it is not necessary depending on the area to be treated. You decide!

I have to take the kind of massage before the session?
No, in fact there are two possibilities, that you want a concrete treatment or that you leave it up to us to choose what is best for you.

Should we keep something in mind?
Massage, whatever the type, needs a relaxed atmosphere, so we ask that mobile phones be turned off or put in an airplane mode and that alarms that may interrupt the session be deactivated.

Can I get a massage if I’m pregnant or have a medical condition?
Normally yes, but you should inform us if you have any illness or take any medication, since in some cases the massage is contraindicated, for example in the case of varicose veins, infections, etc. Your doctor will tell you if the massage is indicated or contraindicated in your specific case.

How often can I have a massage?
It depends on the type of massage and how your body reacts, a relaxing massage can be received daily without problems but one descontracturante, for example, we recommend to let a week at least until the next, your body will ask, listen!

We recommend maintenance massages, with a frequency of one session every month, every 2 or 3 months.

Is there Parking in the area?
The stretch of street where we are, the start of Genís Sala, is marked as red zone, that means that the parking is free for an hour and a half , it is only It is necessary to leave a piece of paper visible with the arrival time on the windshield.

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