We explain You our proposal to complement the treatments that carry out at the venue, our idea is to track a holistic path at that that muck and have a solution to enrich body, mind and soul at who want to.

The benefits of the that propose are huge, the problems are null and besides do you a proposal: when you come at your date, takes advantage of to choose one of the books that will find , spend it to you at house, read it to you and when end body return it so that somebody other can it assaborir. If you explain us your experience and give us your consent, can publish it at the social meshes at what appear. Say’s the date of the book that have impacted you more!

We pose continuum of our part for sanar the body with the kens that go acquiring, but the body is an image and a reflex of what think and of the that muck, of the that hear, of the that eat, is the most physical part. And how we can capsize or modify the mind and the soul? Then of a form that is evidenced scientifically that it functions, endorsed by tens of experiments done by psychologists and neurocientífics, is barter, even can free being, can do anywhere and moment (that was not developing dangerous activities), and does not require Wifi or electronics. It treats of the reading!

Which benefits contributes to read often?

It favours the concentration.
It augments the grey matter of the brain and the connections among neurons.
It augments the empathy and therefore the emotional development.
It augments the oratoria, as it said Cicero “At talking does not learn talking, but reading”.
In general it creates more professional success.
Read before going at sleeping, generally, gives notice at the brain that is hour of rest. Aid at creating masters for the sleep.
It diminishes the risk to suffer Alzheimer’s disease at the boost the cerebral tissue.
Improvement the memory.
It reduces the stress.
It augments the capacity of reasoning.
It develops the imagination and the creativity.
It is a form of entertainment.
You can have a lot of lives and experiences, since the brain treats the reading as a experiences lived.
It functions without Internet or coverage.
It permits you travel for the time and the room.

In sum, read does you more intelligent, raonador, cult and augments your capacity of concentration.

An example that will aid you at seizing are it.

To do the more experience enriquidora and create guidelines like those that have mencionat before, will give you an idea that will aid you at sleeping. It treats to create your own ritual, for example, at possible being always at the same hour burns an incense, puts a musician that like you, the calmest possible and without lyrics, and for example the classical musician, strain you at the bed in the pijama and commences at reading letting that they are it invade you slowly, of this form your body and your mind will know when have to disconnect of automatic form

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